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A Woman Before Dawn


I began my weekend at 4:30 am Saturday morning, preparing to shoot one of my favorite yogis, a yoga studio owner that I admire. By the time I arrived a little after 5, she was already buzzing about, her lap top humming, a pot of tea brewing, yoga clothes spinning a few last times in the dryer and a warm comfort in her voice inviting my creative energy into her private space with open arms.

She has inspired my own journey practicing yoga, which of course, she immediately asks me about with genuine care. She has this inner beauty and peace about her that lends a grace to her roles as business owner, yogi, teacher and spiritual mentor. She owns her femininity, she is smart, sexy and accomplished but doesn’t make herself small to spare another who has not found her own power, a challenging strength to effectuate. I have realized these qualities in her long before this morning, yet she has captivated my awareness to peak as I wander through her house capturing her on film.

She naturally begins and ends her day with business; the magic of her clarity, I believe happens within the “in-between” when she practices and teaches yoga. She then cleverly forwards the spiritual energy she creates to nurture her love of healing people into prosperity for the success of the most unique and enriching yoga studio I have ever practiced at. Portraying the integrity of a business woman, without compromising the soul of a free loving, entrusting spirit, a mantra most should derive and evolve to.

She illuminates an impressing comfort with herself, her life, knowing there is more to achieve and to experience, yet fully living in the present moment. This woman truly exemplifies why I have a passion honoring the empowerment of women and sharing them with you!


Here’s to you Stacey, an amazing woman…

Peace, Love & Light,


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